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June 11th 2011

Truly “The Bess Impression” – Web and Logo Re-Design & New Friends

Matt and Bessie Fujioika were searching for a Web and Graphic Designer to design their first website and redesign a logo ( their father … Bless his soul … created it) in order to launch their business. I remember when they came to our office .. I could tell they had talked to a few designers .. Bess had all these notes and Matt had a bunch of questions. I never try to sell anything I just try to share information and educate .. I just listened and answer all their questions.

I’m not sure but I think they had told me that they only had 30 minutes because they had another meeting with another design company, I think it’s good when people look around, the client and designer should not only understand the project but get along (it certainly helps throughout the design process)  but I told them “regardless is you use Top Level Hawaii or not” if you ever need advice call me anytime (I gave them my cell).

Well to make a long story short .. the chose us and I couldn’t have been more happy .. I really liked them from the minute they walked in and knew that if nothing else we would be friends. Later Bess told me when they walked out our door the day of our original appointment … she looked at Matt and said cancel the rest of our appointments .. we’re going with Top Level Hawaii


Below is dad’s original design (Not bad Pop) and our re-design .. we tried to keep the feel but give it a cleaner updated look .. She loved it .. we also provided matching Tee-Shirt and Coffee cup comps

the Bess Impression - Logo Design Hawaii

Web Design:

They mentioned that they liked and showed us this example as an idea of the style & color … The end result is

web design hawaii

The Bess Impression is a gift concierge company that offers custom gift baskets services .. but more than that you get to work with Bess .. she’s great.

When she launched her twitter page … we helped design that too and till this day we are very good friends. I’ve had my business now for 6 years .. it’s not easy but man I tell you it’s clients (Scratch that) Friends like Matt and Bess that make everything I do worth it.

Making Money is nice .. Making friends Waaaaaay Better